Toy Town

The Serious Gaming experience called "Toy Town" gives participants the chance to become Mayor for the day and make decisions to help a community solve a water crisis.

This Serious Game has been developed as part of the "Horizon 2020" (H2020) NextGen collaboration that aims to drive the circular economy through a wide range of water-embedded resources, including water, energy and materials.

Go to "business as usual" game case

With a population of 300,000 and normal rainfall, participants will be able to explore how to improve the circular economy score in a standard situation when the system is not under unusual stress. Effects of different water technologies on the system can be measured.

Go to challenging game case: facing overpopulation and water scarcity.

With a doubled population and a lower rainfall, participants will explore how to help "Aquatech Town" to cope with the stress and to improve on its circular economy. Water becomes a precious resource, and environmental damages need to be mitigated. Energy consumption as well as carbon emissions need to stay under control, and material reuse strategies as well as financial optimisation will need to be considered.